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This site is for current and future APA SPCA Volunteers.

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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

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Deciding on a volunteer position


Choose which of the following best describes you and click to follow the link.

I am a student looking for experience.

Many students realize that volunteering is an important part of life and growth. If you have never volunteered before it is definitely an experience you need to have. In addition volunteer experience can be very important for your college applications and for your resume as well. Volunteering for the APA SPCA can be very different from traditional volunteer positions. All of our volunteer positions are set up to be done on your own time schedule and at your own level of motivation. And while some volunteer positions feel like they under utilize your skills our positions are intelligent and challenging. You will certainly come away with valuable experience and be able to feel great that you have made an actual difference.

Our recommendation: 30 Day Fundraiser

I am currently not working and want to do something to help.

With so many people out of work some of us face new challenges including boredom, lack of purpose and the dreadful holes in our resumes. Our volunteer positions do not require an extreme commitment however are challenging and engaging. In addition you may use your volunteer bio as a reference, place your experience on your resume and also receive a certificate of appreciation.

Our recommendation: 30 Day Fundraiser or Fundraising Leader

I have specific interest in Domestic Abuse, the Military, Anti Cruilty or Emergency pet bills

At the APA SPCA you can specify which program your fundraiser goes towards. Up to 80% of the money you raise will go to support the program you choose. If you do not have a specific program you want to support, you can rest assured that the funds you raise will always go to the most needed programs and always are made available to a need in your community first.

Our recommendation: 30 Day Fundraiser or Fundraising Leader

I want to help the Pets in my community, but I don't have a lot of time.

Most of our lives are incredibly busy but sometimes we need to do something different to keep our sanity and also feel an increased sense of purpose. Our 30 day fundraiser is designed to take a minimal amount of time with a maximum amount of rewards. It helps you to reconnect with family and friends in a meaningful way and also make a significant impact on helping the pets of your community.

Our recommendation: 30 Day Fundraiser

I am looking to be an active pet advocate in my community.

Some of us, and there are many here, have an overwhelming need to be helping the pets of our community on a daily or weekly basis. We often drive around our communities and witness irresponsible pet owners and wish there was something we could do.

Our recommendation: Volunteer Educator or Fundraising Leader

None of the above described me.

Send us an e-mail and let's  figure it out :) we usually set aside time on the weekends to answer these e-mails so please give us time to respond.

Email Marcie Sapp, Director of Fundraising at or Jennifer Hughes, volunteer support at

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