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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

This site is for current and future APA SPCA Volunteers.

Welcome Volunteers!

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Enroll in our Certified Fundraiser Course for experience or community service hours.

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The place to learn about how to conduct your Volunteer Program.

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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

The APA SPCA is a very unique organization. Part of what makes us unique is our relationships with our volunteers. Most of us know that volunteering can be incredibly rewarding. Those with a great deal of experience volunteering know that volunteering for some organizations is a bit more rewarding than others.

"When I volunteered in the past for other organizations I often felt like i was not appreciated, or my service was not of any real value. At the APA (SPCA) I learned a ton, had fun and felt like I made a difference." -Amy P

At the AP ASPCA we take our responsibilities very seriously. We raise funds more effectively, spend more responsibly and give ethically.

We also take our relationships with our volunteers very seriously. When you volunteer for the APA SPCA you know that your activities matter, you will get great experience and it will also be rewarding and enjoyable. This we promise you.

"I'll be honest, I needed volunteer service for my college apps, but I actually really enjoyed my fundraiser. My family gave me so much support, and my friends were great too. i feel like I did something real." Trisha O

If you have not yet been to our main webpage please go there before going any further at the volunteer portal. You can access our Main website here. if you are already familiar with the APA SPCA spend some time learning about our volunteer programs and we welcome you to join a team that makes a real difference.

Volunteers Receive

  • Community Service Hours (through Certified Fundraiser Program only)
  • Great satisfaction that their contributation actually make a difference
  • A great experience and lasting relationships
  • A Volunteer Bio as a permanent record of their service
  • Great materials you can be proud of
  • APA SPCA Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Positive and comprehensive training
  • One on one support that is friendly, positive and professional

But remember, this is not a vacation, this is important work. We offer, and expect, a professional working relationship, but no one gets upset if it is fun too. :)

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