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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

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Fundraising Leader

A Fundraising Leader is a person that is going to be more active during their 30 day fundraiser and continue to help after their first 30 Day Fundraiser is completed.

  • There is no required time commitment.
  • You may continue immediately after your 30 day fundraiser or sometime in the future.
  • A successful Fundraising Leader is eligible for employment with the APA SPCA.
  • A letter of reference can be written from our director for successful Fundraising Leaders.

This position will give you great experience, is perfect for your resume or college application or just enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you make a BIG difference.

You will be working with top professionals that will provide complete training, and be there for you any time you have a question. Plus, your ideas and input will be valued; You can help shape the future of the APA SPCA!

A completed, approved application (and a signed permission slip if under 18.)

You Receive:
APA SPCA Volunteer Shirt
APA SPCA Collection Boxes
Receipt Book
Business Cards
APA SPCA Brochures
APA SPCA Volunteer
Bio Web Page
Certificate of Appreciation/Reference (upon successful completion)
A Gift Certificate to our Online Store to help spread our mission!
(Gift certificate equals 10% of the funds you raise. Since we do not spend money on commercials or web advertising, this is our advertising budget on a grass roots level. We ask that volunteers select items they can use or wear to get exposure for our organization)

Volunteer only or $75 per month per volunteer you manage.

Pre Launch Requirement:
Completed 30 Day Fundraiser

Apply Today!


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