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Foster Care Provider


With a priority on Domestic Abuse and Military Personnel challenges.

Traditionally a foster care provider provides a temporary home for animals awaiting adoption to a permanent home. The APA SPCA Foster Care Program also is addressing a different need. Many families are forced to give up a pet due to a job or living situation. They may have lived with their loved family member for many years, and have no desire to give the pet up.

What is even more tragic are situations that are becoming more common in our current society. These include both military personnel who get stationed overseas and are unable to bring their pet and victims of domestic abuse who often will stay in an abusive situation just to not lose their pet. The APA SPCA specifically addresses and helps in these situations.

An APA SPCA Foster Care Provider may care for a special family member pet for a period of time, until the family can take the pet back, or while the former owner and Foster Care Provider look for a permanent home. Each situation is different.

You may also work with a local shelter or rescue group. The APA SPCA provides training for this activity and can also provide financial support to help pay for food and supplies.

Domestic Abuse Pet Foster Care

This very special program is to help support anyone that is a victem of domestic abuse. It is an unfortunate statistic that many people will stay in an abusive relationship for the sake of children or pets. While we are not trained to help in situations involving children we can help in regards to beloved family pets.

We can work with local and national domestic abuse organizations to help provide temporary and long-term homes for the pets of victims of domestic abuse. Through the fundraising efforts of our volunteers we can relieve the burden of the cost of the pets food and medical care for the duration of the foster care.

Military Deployment and Relocation Pet Foster Care

We live in challenging times for our military personnel. Overseas deployments, extended appointments and frequent relocation are all common occurrences. These are stressful times for our military and their families especially when a pet is involved. Often a family pet has to be given up and we feel this is something that should never have to occur.

This program will help find short-term and deployment length foster homes for pets when no other option is available. This way our servicemen and women can not only be united with their families when they come home but there companion animals as well.

Our fundraising efforts help find and train Foster care volunteers and when necessary can help with the costs of food and medical care.

A completed, approved application
18 years of age
Demonstrate skills necessary for position
Complete the APA SPCA Foster Care Training Course

You Receive:
2 APA SPCA Volunteer Shirts
APA SPCA Brochures
APA SPCA Volunteer Bio Web Page
Certificate of Appreciation/Reference (annually)

Pre Launch Requirement:
Conduct a 30 Day Fundraiser or pay the Foster Care Training Course fee of $49.00

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