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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

This site is for current and future APA SPCA Volunteers.

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APA SPCA Volunteer Portal

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FAQ - Where it is OK to ask why!

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

  1. What type of Volunteer Positions are currently available?
  2. How long does my volunteer position last?
  3. Can I receive community service hours by volunteering.
  4. What activities am I expected to do in a 30 Day Fundraiser?
  5. What do I receive for volunteering?
  6. Where do the funds that I raise go?
  7. May I use the APA SPCA as a reference after volunteering?

What type of Volunteer Positions are currently available?

  • Here we are discussing the 30 Day Volunteer Fundraiser and Certified Fundraiser programs.  You may view other positions at this site.
  • Why? Our organization is in its early stages; therefore, fundraising is our most important activity. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find people and pets in need but it is difficult to find the funding to help these people.
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How long does my volunteer position last?

  • Well, 30 days, or longer if you would like.
  • Why? Volunteering is a wonderful thing to offer your community. However, especially in this difficult, economy people have less time to give. The 30 Day Fundraiser is designed to offer a huge benefit to our organization and the people and pets we serve while requiring the least amount of time and effort from the volunteer. The time you donate is much more efficient and valuable than traditional volunteer positions.
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 Can I receive Community Service hours for volunteering?

  • You can receive Community Service Hours through our Certified Fundraising Program only.
  • Why? The Certified Fundraiser Program is a very comprehensive program requiring effort and numerous skills to complete, along with ethics and reliability, making it suitable for Community Service hours.
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What activities am I expected to do?

  • These are fundraising positions, so you will be asking for support and collecting and managing donations. The easiest way to raise funds is to ask your family, friends and co-workers. You may also put up collection boxes and if you wish conduct small fundraisers. You are able to use your creativity and work with your supervisor to come up with additional ideas that you would like to do.
  • Why? The goal is to make this fun, rewarding and educational for you while helping the organization.
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What do I receive for volunteering?

  • You will receive an APA SPCA Volunteer Shirt, business cards, brochures, collection boxes, receipt book and we will make a Volunteer Bio Web Page for you (sample here). When you finish your successful fundraiser you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. In addition, you will receive a credit of 10% of the funds you raise to spend in our online store. Collection boxes and receipt book will need to be returned.
  • Why? You need the necessary materials to be successful. We have gone to great lengths to keep the costs of our materials down while maintaining high quality. The Certificate of Appreciation and Volunteer Bio is our way of thanking you for your service and for you to show others that you volunteered. The 10% credit is to give you an additional way to show you volunteered and to help get the word out about the APA SPCA.
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Where do the funds that I raise go?

  • At this early stage, most Volunteer Fundraising goes into our general fund. However, if a need consistent with our current charitable programs is identified in your area, the funds you raise will go to that local cause. If you decided to stay on as a full time employee, the majority of the funds you raise will stay in your community.
  • Why? We feel it is very important that funds raised in a community stay in that community when possible. Our goal is to have 80% of funds available for charitable programs to stay in the community in which they were raised.
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May I use the APA SPCA as a reference after volunteering?

  • Of course. Your Volunteer Bio page will stay posted on the internet indefinitely. It includes a supervisor review so it is a valuable reference.
  • Why? We believe Volunteers are incredible people and they should let others know of their selfless service. It can also be a great advantage to school and job applications.
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